Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni is an easy and must read on customer loyalty with several key take-aways for a small to med size business owner or CEO. This book focuses on:

  • Focusing on your customer  and developing client relationships
  • Developing a vulnerability and a transparent internal culture within your organization
  • Understanding consultative selling and that “pull” vs. “push” marketing wins out
  • Coming to grips with your 3 fears as a small business owner or CEO
  • Losing your customer and business
  • Fear of being embarrassed
  • Fear of feeling inferior

I encourage each of my clients and members to read a book a month on improving one’s leadership skills, defining or redefining your internal culture, focus on delegation and creating a cohesive management team.  If you will drill down on these four disciplines, you are on your way toward becoming a growth driven and profitable enterprise.

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