My 2011 Vistage Speaker Series starts on January 20th.

We will have an amazing speaker, former Vistage COO, Dan Barnett conduct his “Make or Break” workshop in the afternoon. His message focuses on the power of execution in business.

How does he know this you ask?

If you are a business owner of a 5 million annual revenue company and looking for tips and techniques on great execution, come see for yourself. Be part of a group of 13 to 15 where the collective wisdom exceeds 200 leadership years.

We talk a lot about Productivity and getting more with less using technology. Technology is only an enabler however once you have a compelling vision. The true catalyst for great productivity is having a clear outcome and plan for your business and life.

What is the ONE THING that you or your business needs to do to deliver on your vision?

For Vistage COO, Dan Barnett, it was “membership growth.” He focused all his staff on that and painted a picture for them of what it would look like. Everything they did was focused around the “Make or Break.” Every week he reviewed a dashboard with his staff.  Now this is not your typical dashboard with financial numbers on it.  Sure those are there, but Dan makes the case that financial indicators only give you a picture of the past and does not give you an opportunity to correct quickly.  His dashboard included a picture of the progress.

Are you able to predict your future? Dan and his team did for 5 years….

Consider Giving this a try and let me know your progress.

  • Practical steps for the CEO (of your business or your life!)
  • Write down your vision AND the ONE THING that you need to do to be great at it.
  • Create a dashboard to monitor those activities that get you closer to that ONE THING.
  • Make sure your staff has the tools needed to get their jobs done, including technology and helpdesk services that add value.
  • Execute!  Make the ONE thing your FIRST thing every day!

Call or email me and see if there is room for you at our conference room table on the afternoon of January 20th.

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