Most often it starts with an idea, than you chose a small group of people who have same or similar dreams as you. As a team, you collaborate and share your thoughts, feelings, and fears on what you believe and don’t believe so that you will make a decision to join together because of what you all believe. If there is agreement to work hard, together you can make the impossible possible. Trust develops.

Most new and old enterprises, companies or entrepreneurs in the world start first with the “Vision” statement, which talks about what you believe you and your team would be doing and why you are doing this. Short term for the next 18 months you develop a plan and the 3 to 5 years out dream is discussed. Always asking yourselves what would we look like if…? Why do we really want to do this? I’ve said this in past articles. “…give me a cohesive management team and I will leave strategic planners in my dust.”

Then the “Mission” statement is nothing but the actions you as a team perform to achieve your vision. This should include your key “Make or Break” which is individual measurable weekly key activity that is each of your cornerstones to success. Ask yourselves “…is the the hill we are going to die on?” Example, one of my members shared that 85% of his pilots (prospects testing whether their software service does what they said it would do) turned into a client. He is now driving every suspect, prospect toward “pilots” knowing that in 3 months on average he will have a new customer. Other client’s “Make or Break” was lead generation, he needed to see that marketing was creating more leads than the sales team could handle. Key Performer indicators, both real view (revenue, EBITDA, AR, RFQ’s, lead/yield % to name a few) and forward facing dashboards predicting your revenue or profit are meaningful snapshots so you can see the health and breath of your company. Several of my members have 10 or more KPI’s.

Next, my sense is one describes their service or their product portfolio, sharing more about what they do. Can you define what your USP (unique selling proposition) is? Why do your customers buy from you? What drives sales? If you don’t know, go out and call on your top 10 accounts and ask them, “Why do you buy from us?” Objectively speaking: those that offer the best products or services should be the ones that are purchased. Not those who are sold with a purpose.

Most likely, every company in the world follows a similar path yet how well you stick to your vision, mission, without losing focus and communicate the same to the world makes the difference. One of my members, specialty meat cutter for the fine dining industry shared at this month’s meeting “…the level of trust will never rise above the level of communication.” Leadership starts with the communication of the vision which aligns direct reports and team members to the vision.

Simon Sinek has a very popular 18 minute video clip on YouTube “why” which I encourage you to view.

Simon Sinek “How great leaders inspire action” – Why – 18 minutes

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