Bob Gibson is in Austin for 2 morning workshops on April 17th and 18th… As a advisor and coach to Austin business owners, I encourage you to make time to be part of this workshop. Bob is a BOB (Best of Best). Vistage has contracts with over 1,000 speakers and Bob Gibson ranks in the top 6%. As a Austin business owner, president or CEO, be my guest and add another arrow to your quiver as your become a better leader, making better decisions and growing your revenue and profits.

April 17th – Austin Country Club
April 18th – Barco Lighting Systems
Please RSVP
“The Executive Negotiator” focuses on the mindset and abilities to negotiate effectively with those inside and outside the organization. Designed exclusively for the business executive, this interactive program has been delivered and received raves throughout America, in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.Bob Gibson has helped thousands of business people enhance their negotiating performance. “The Executive Negotiator” incorporates Gibson’s vast experience and insight into a program that uses role-playing, hands-on exercises and instruction to teach the most critical negotiating skills.In this program, you will learn:

  • Key perceptions – 4 distinctions that separate the men from the boys in negotiation
  • Positioning…the key to the “big3”: negotiating well, maintaining relationships, & profit
  • All about Power…How to get more – how to protect yourself from the power of others
  • Tactics & strategies…the most common tactics: how to use them, spot them, and protect yourself from them
  • Formula for Success…A proven process that works wonders in negotiation
  • Planning…The Street-Smart Negotiation Planner is a guide that teaches a business person how to plan – really plan before a negotiation
  • Horse Trading Wisdom…Some thoughts from years in business that keep you on track and prevent the mistakes you regret for years afterward

Biography: Negotiation strategist Bob Gibson has assured the business success of his clients since founding Negotiation Resources in 1987. In addition to negotiating for clients in the corporate arena, Gibson advises and coaches middle to senior level executives and has trained tens of thousand of business people.

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