Unfortunately it’s really not a joke, in my 8 years as an Austin executive coach in many cases it’s true. Today owners have a serious concern, if we do train employees yet when they feel unwanted or unappreciated, they update their resumes and move on for double-digit increases. If owners don’t train, employees train themselves on our time and move on for double-digit increases.


Which is why company culture, core values, cohesive leadership teams, transferring ownership to the employee and holding yourself and your people accountable is so much more important today since employees are highly educated, on average have greater mental capacity, have a want to belong attitude plus their healthcare and 401K’s are now transferable.


CEO’s, presidents, owners and team leaders need to embrace a greater level of transparency, increase your communication to not only your direct reports also your rank and file employees. Monthly talk two your biggest customers, are you delivering your promise. Accountability starts and ends with a phrase “…can I count on you” ands it goes both ways!


Smart and educated employees want to be around smart and educated employees and most everyone wants to make a difference and make the world a better place, especially the millennials and gen Y employees.


My last thought is what I see in my members, be  your word, be consistent and be authentic.


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