When someone asks me WHY Vistage is the best place for them, there are a lot of ways I can answer. But honestly, it’s not my reason that matters. Each leader should know what they are looking for, or at least accept that they don’t know what they don’t know. So what I can answer is WHO seems to really appreciate the value of the membership and sticks around a long time. Then it’s up to the individual to know themselves.

It’s probably not who you think.

Successful members don’t normally join when they’ve hit hard times, or have lost their way. On the contrary, it’s a good CEO who wants to be GREAT, who shows up ready to contribute and listen. It’s a GREAT leader who asks how he or she can build up their team and let go of the details. And THEN, when there is a downturn or a bump in the road, it’s the BEST of business owners who realizes this is the group they can’t give up now, because they really can benefit from peer support when the challenges start piling up.

But this is just one answer. An essential part of the Vistage experience is the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips as Chairs. We can find resources and experts to help our members. And with that… I share with you a list of ideas on GREAT CEOs from other Vistage chairs and members. Plus, there are always video testimonials from other members.

Are You A Great CEO? What Do You Think?, by Mary Lore

Three Distinct Advantages of Vistage, by Pete Hayes

Optimisim is a Great Motivator, by Vince Langley

Failure is Your Friend, by Cheryl McMillan 

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