VistageAustin 2015 Speaker Series #6 for Austin Business owners: August 19th and 20th

James Bandrowski

Execution Excellence: Translating Vision & Strategy to Results

Program Description:

Flying in from northern California, James Bandrowski conducts is content rich workshop in assisting Austin Business Owners in developing a Breakthrough Strategy. This workshop provides Vistage members and guests with a three-phased, nine-step Execution Excellence process for putting a new vision, values, strategy and/or policy into action. You can use this workshop and accompanying handout as a guide in your future strategy implementation efforts. Included is an assessment with which you can evaluate your past and present execution efforts, and employ as a checklist on your future ones.

Value to Members & Guests:

To kick off the session, Jim Bandrowski facilitates a discussion of what attendees believe works in implementing strategy, as well as each member’s challenges in doing so. Using this input, he presents in a highly interactive manner how to put plans into action and lead change, explaining points with real world examples from a wide variety of industries. Topics include how to build a case for change (call to action), communicate your vision and strategy, precisely define desired new behaviors, employ transition states, drive plans and metrics deep into the organization, achieve quick wins, leverage early adopters, overcome both overt and covert resistance, anchor change through positive reinforcement, assure accountability and maintain momentum. The heart of the Execution Excellence process is applied to a high priority change initiative of one or more members, with everyone participating.


Jim Bandrowski, founder and president of Strategic Action Associates, has 30 years of experience helping companies in a wide variety of industries successfully create and implement breakthrough strategies. His clients include GE, Disney, Chevron, Kaiser Permanente, and many other large and small companies. Jim is author of CORPORATE IMAGINATION–PLUS: Five Steps To Translating Innovative Strategies Into Action.


Wednesday morning 8:30am August 19th – Steiner Ranch UT Golf Club

Thursday morning 8:30am August 20th: – Downtown at 1108 Lavaca

RSVP to comfirm your attendance:

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