Are you measuring what matters most?

Does “what we tolerate become policy” sound familiar?


Greg Bustin, Dallas based Vistage speaker was in Austin yesterday and breaks it down into 5 leadership behaviors.

  1. Clear common goals – This is where we are and this is where we want to go. Gathering your team together and ask yourselves “Why are we here?” and “What is our purpose besides money?” Have some fun, get buy in and pass out small post-it pads and have your leadership team spend 30 minutes seeing how many post-its they can post on the wall under these two headings.
  2. Clear deadlines – What is our response going to be for underperforming? Is your vision well defined, your values? Are your “Rules for Engagement” in writing? Over achievers want to know what is expected of them, how am I doing, and what gets rewarded gets done cheerfully. Make tracking visable because great people want to see progress.
  3. Clear Roles – What is it about our organization that prevents us from being our best? Bustin hit hard that clarity creates confidence. What are the expected behavior, activity and performance in each role within your company.
  4. Mutual Respect – your stated company culture and core values needs to have this component for both your employees and how you will treat each other as well as your customer expectations. Does your reputation inside your company match your reputation outside?
  5. Have fun – based on the above are you celebrating your successes, measuring the right indicators and holding your people accountable.

My members have defined their competitive advantage with meaningful, memorable and measureable stated individual, team, department, division and company goals. If you can’t measure it, you need to drop it from your key performance indicators.


Ed Stillman


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