Ed Stillman invites you to a “Leadership” Workshop for Business Owners

Please RSVP ed.stillman@vistagechair.com

January 20, 2016 Wednesday 1pm to 4pm – Hills of Lakeway Country Club

January 21, 2016 Thursday 830am to 1130am – Austin Country Club

Bob Dabic, Vistage Master Chair from Newport Coast, California, asks: “Why should we replace ‘yes people’ in our lives with those who care enough to hold us accountable to achieving our goals?”

In this interactive presentation, Dabic assists members and guests in brainstorming a list of issues that exist in their companies. Key issues typically revolve around the areas of: Customer Dissatisfaction, Marketing/Sales/Operations, and Net Profit Growth. Bob defines what Vision, Mission, Values, Goals & Objectives are and encourages attendees to share which of these currently exist in their companies. He then proceeds to show how plans, goals, objectives, people, procedures, decisions and behaviors can be aligned with the so-called “Big Picture.” Members and their guests are provided with a step-by-step process to bring positive results to their organizations!!

About Bob Dabic

Bob Dabic is a Best Practice Chair (BPC), Master Chair, and Lead Trainer for chair candidates & tenured chairs.  He has received the following Vistage awards: Chair Excellence, Master Chair, and STAR.  He is also a recipient of two of Vistage’s most coveted awards: the “Robert Nourse Chair of the Year” Award and “The Don Cope Memorial Award.”

Prior to taking on the above roles, Bob was a successful owner, president and CEO of several airport and aerospace equipment design and manufacturing companies over a 30-year period.  For the last 6½ years in the day-to-day operating role, he was a member of a Vistage CEO group.

About Vistage

20,000 executives, business owners, and CEOs around the world rely on Vistage Private Advisory Boards to get the most out of their businesses. Vistage offers a unique combination of resources for accelerating business performance: monthly meetings with non-competitive business peers; one-to-one mentoring sessions; expert speakers and interactive workshops; a rich online library of content, best practices, webinars, and more; and access to a member community of business leaders across the globe.


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