…walk to a “Visual Planning” Work at 823 Congress Avenue – 2nd Floor conference Room – Room 215


Bill Hawfield flies in from Southern California for a morning workshop introducing storyboarding techniques pioneered by Walt Disney. This Visual Planning Workshop is a thinking process that clarifies how we think, expands creativity and insures a wide scope of possible solutions to complex business problems. Key discussion topics include: strategic thinking, brain storming, Six Thinking Hats and much much more.

Value to members and guests: This process yields significant dividends in team building, facilitation skills development, thinking through problems, priorities, schedules and goals.

Bill is a CEO turned consultant. After running companies for General Mills he started his own company, Penguin’s Frozen Yogurt, eventually sold his company to a giant and lived to tell about it.


This is a FREE workshop for Downtown Austin business owners, Presidents and CEOs wanting to become better leaders, making better decisions. We will start at 830am and expect Bill to start around 845am. You should be back in your office by 11:30am.


Vistage International is the world’s leading executive membership organization. Locally, Vistage flies in 6 to 8 speakers a month to assist their Austin members in moving from good to great leaders. This is one chairs’ approach in giving back to the Austin Business Community. If you are viewing this, please forward to someone you care deeply about that could benefit by being in a advisory peer group with 200 plus years of successful leadership. Our core values are Trust, Caring, Challenge and Growth.

Please RSVP to:

Ed Stillman: Mobile/text 512.422.6232

(Seating is limited)

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