Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky was in Austin and conducted 3 workshops for Vistage members last week. His talks are on Culture and Gen Y. We get the culture we deserve and anything that influences behavior impacts the culture of the organization.

My 3 Take-Aways

  1. Create focus for your business with a cause
  2. If you don’t connect with your people, you lose them
  3. Culture starts with trust

Dr. Gustavo’s belief is when you take money off the table, and create focus on cause for the organization, retention will improve. What would your culture look like if you made $$$ a non-issue? Do people work harder for cause than for cash? Are you paying your employees fairly and competitively and focusing on social rewards to motivate employee behavior.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests cultivating social norms for employees creates collaboration vs. competitiveness. If most new businesses fail because of undercapitalization and high turnover, will productivity and efficiency improve by cultivating social norms for both the employee and the customer?

Looking for a way to create connectedness within your team, company or non-profit? Connectedness can be demonstrated in a variety of ways when on explores cognitive, physical and emotional behaviors. From the gangs on the street for a 12 year old to your new employees longing for a cultural fit, connectedness is a primary human drive and it’s not always about the money.

How does what you do change the world or change human experiences in the world? Cause is belonging, it’s a meaning, it’s significant, see the big picture, know your purpose and ask yourself is profit a cause or a result? Cause drives behavior.

I have shared with hundreds of sales associates it’s all about getting to know, like and trust each other before a relationship is created and the sales rep has or should earn the right to ask for the order. What are your beliefs, the behavioral rules, and traditions, rituals that make up your company culture? Dr. Gustavo shared TRUST = Experience/Risk or Vulnerability.

Brene Brown in 2010 shared her studies on connection. A very worthwhile 20 minutes, so find the time and join the 27 million others who were touched by her message. Link to video

I’ll close with Dr. Gustavo’s ROCC – Reliability, Openness, Competitiveness, and Concern. Add your own bullets and connect with me for a deeper dive.

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