Vistage is not Urgent, yet Vistage is Important…here’s why:

Business owners, Presidents and CEOs of small to mid size companies sometimes see themselves as the head cook and bottle washer. Urgent is cash and cash needs to be king and making payroll is a “must do” requirement. Juggling suppliers and dealing with people, product or process issues can be a day-to-day requirement. At the end of the day, week and/or month – “Who’s job am I doing?” & “What do you suggest?” should be on your mind to separate urgent from important and assist you in delegating.

Important is looking around the corner, spending more and more of your time on revenue generating activities and profit producing projects. Important is becoming a better leader, making better decisions and growing your profitability. Important is hiring the right people in the right seats and getting out of their way. Please consider finding a peer-to-peer local leadership group where you will have monthly meetings to sharpen your leadership saw, provide you some accountability and led by a professional facilitator and business coach.

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Ed Stillman, Group Chair

Austin Texas, Vistage Worldwide

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