Week of October 16, 2017
“Never wrestle with pigs.
You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”
George Bernard Shaw
The Babe, Baseball and Business
Not Losing the War for Talent
Culture Trumps Everything
Econ Recon:  Long, not Strong.Backside Blues
The Babe, Baseball and Business
One popular definition of good management is “consistent pressure, relentlessly applied.” As we head into the World Series, employee engagement expert Les Landes looks at the truth of this adage in the context of America’s Pastime. Mr. Landes looks at what Babe Ruth and truly well played baseball can teach us about business in his short blog posting “The Truth about Baseball and Business.”
Culture Trumps Everything
If you’re not a Vistage member then you may not have benefited from Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky’ s half day deep dive into why “Culture Trumps Everything.” (He was Vistage’s 2013 Speaker of the Year).  We all have heard that culture is important but too many managers don’t really understand why or what to do about it.  If you want a great overview of culture’s important, check out Dr. Grodnitzky’s 16 min TEDx Talk on culture… and if you can’t hear him at a Vistage meeting his short but powerful book “Culture Trumps Everything” will help you get started on enhancing the culture of your company.
Not Losing the War for Talent
Maybe the first step in winning the war for talent is to not lose it. To wit, the story of a great manager whose CEO took him for granted until it was too late. A recent Forbes article  summarizes the executive’s experience and then offers ten reasons that your key players will decide they no longer want to play for you. 
Most CEOs know that it’s easier to keep a customer than find a new one; this principle applies to your key executives as well.
Econ Recon
Long, not Strong:  Dr. Brian Wesbury looks at a recovery that may become the longest on record; even though its persistence has been anemic by the standard of other recoveries.  Does he think there will be another recession? Of course, but you’ll have to read his latest short blog posting to find out when. 
Backside Blues:  Do you have leading indicators that tell you when things are about to change? Dr. Alan Beaulieu thinks you should; and if you did, they might be telling you that you’re on the backside of the business cycle and what to do about it.  Learn a little more in his recent blog posting.   
Make it a GREAT week!


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