Last Sunday our March 25th WSJ ad stated…We exist solely to help high-integrity leaders make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and communities.

That’s our company’s purpose. It’s to help business leaders like to you get access to different perspectives and resources to help perform and guide your decision making. Running a business is hard work but what if you could use the lessons of others to make your decisions easier? With Vistage you meet with your peers – other Austin experienced leaders – to discuss your obstacles and opportunities confidentially. They challenge, question, inspire and hold you accountable. You’ll do the same for them. Our formula has stood the test of time for 60 years. Today more than 22,000 executives across 20 countries rely on Vistage.

Join me and over 200 Austin business owners and senior executives during the morning on April 10th at the AT&T Center. View our agenda, keynote speakers via this link:

If curious or I have just piqued your interest please connect with me and let’s see if we are a good fit for you and you for us? I’ll call or text you back in 24 hours.

Ed Stillman

Austin Group Chairman

M/T 512.422.6232