I had dinner with Michael Canic at Pappadeaux’s on I35 Tuesday night. He flew in from Denver, Colorado for a Wednesday morning Vistage workshop focusing on Strategic Management. What a WOW experience for my small to mid size business owners!

We are 14 local business owners with just under 1,000 employees that come together once a month to “draft” off of each other’s leadership experiences.


Austin business owners, if your industry association is looking for a keynote speaker have your meeting planner contact. Michael. www.makingstrategyhappen.com


Michael’s has what I will call a gift. He has the gift of 30 years of experience. He has lead, coach and consulted thousands of executives. Canic has a developed gift in leading audiences toward a proven model with a very intentional process and outcome. His model will help and assist committed leaders turning your ambitions into strategy, and strategy into reality. Yes you must be COMMITTED, otherwise don’t waste your time.


He starts with why is it so hard to win? His belief is because we as leaders fail to:

  • Develop the RIGHT FOCUS
  • Build the RIGHT TEAM


His 5 step continuous loop process has 20 sub sets that when your leadership teams becomes crystal clear of what’s working and what isn’t working, creates the building blocks for your future wins.


Do you use a monthly newsletter, or a “from the desk of” to stay connected to your employees? Imagine the monthly “added value” of a 1 to 3 minute video clip recognizing your individual contributors, and sharing their best practices or process improvements. Michael suggests using your iPhone camera works best because it’s real topics from real people.


Do you have a FUN committee? Affects the little things, like individual performance and retention right! Your culture is a by-product as you create a consistent environment.


I found his “Perceived Value Gap” between my company and my competitors an interesting view. Are we not vying for the same customers? What does our separation look like, is our differentiation significant enough? Will our customers pay for that separation or not?


Strategic Management steps are:

  1. Assess – Why must we change?
  2. Position – What do we do? What does winning look like?
  3. Plan – How do we win?
  4. Implement – How do we ensure it happens?


In closing this article, Michael had some fun with us by saying over and over again; “…do you have the will to do what it takes to win?”


Do You?


Continued successes,