You may have heard that Baltimore is still coping with the effect of a ransomware attack a few weeks ago due to a hacking tool called Eternal Blue. The city is refusing to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers and the resulting loss of city services is impacting the entire community. 

A short article in the Baltimore Sun explains what happened and why it might have been easily avoided.  A blog posting by ethical hacker and Vistage Speaker on IT Security Mike Foster explains the simple steps you can take now and in the future to buy down that risk.  You can’t make yourself impervious to hackers, but as Foster has taught thousands of Vistage COOs, you can make it difficult enough that they’ll look for an easier target. 

Pass this one on to your IT Department and hold them accountable for follow up……before you get a ransom note.

Continued successes,

Ed Stillman