A few thoughts to noodle when planning for 2020…

Hard to believe 2019 is coming to a close. Overall my Austin members have had another successful and profitable year. Austin economy remains strong. Cash is king so manage your top line revenue growth as to not run out of cash.

Each year in the 4th quarter we spend time on a Stop/Start Reflection Exercise, if interested send me an email and I will send it to you.

My Stop thoughts

None of us should want a bigger plate so think about what your need to stop doing in 2020 before you create that start doing list. Ask yourselves “…whose job am I doing?” and if you’re a “To Do List” leader, whose list are you completing? My business owner members believe less is more when they create clarity in what is it that only they can do for the betterment of their employees , their customers or their company.

My Start thoughts

Start with what is the agreed end game for 2020, revenue, profit, KPI’s (key performance indicators) and/or OKR’s (Objectives and key reults) and ask yourselves “…what is it that I do well and/or that only I can do?” Delegate the rest if you can. Hold your leadership team accountable with what is expected of them and their departments. Have quarterly milestones, monthly formal one-to-ones focusing on measurable targets.

My Work/Life Balance thoughts

Does your company culture line up with making sure you and your team are at those “after school” activities; be it music, dance, individual or team sports for your children? When what the last time you scheduled “date night” with your spouse or significant other? Having fun and celebrating are two of the most important aspects of running a business. Whatever level you think you are at, look for ways to increase your overall happiness in 2020.

Finish well in 2019 and continued successes in 2020.