Author of “Your Not the Person I Hired” Barry Deutsch will be in Austin the morning of February 19th for a 3 hour workshop focusing on hiring, on boarding, screening and sourcing your next hire. Talent acquisition has us all in Austin spending too many hours, vetting too few qualified candidates. My Vistage 4943 CE Business Owner group always has room for a couple of guests if the below content sounds meaningful and timely.

Be our guest for the morning, invest 3 hours to save potentially tens of thousands of dollars in improving your productivity in reducing miss hires, hiring mistakes by spending the morning with us. Barry has conducted over 700 workshops around the world for TEC/Vistage groups with content and delivery scores of 4.9 out of 5. Barry is what i call a BOB (Best of Best)

Program Description:

Why does research show that 56% of all executive hires fail in their first year to eighteen months? In our consulting and research with thousands of companies we’ve discovered that:

  • Hiring tends to be the only process in the entire company that is not performed according to a documented process or methodology.
  • They are using outdated sourcing, screening, and interviewing techniques that required no training or expertise.
  • There is no uniform, specific process to assess candidates and evaluate them against each other.
  • There is no marketing plan to attract good candidates.
  • The companies concentrate mainly on applicants who applied after seeing an advertisement.
  • There is no accountability for bad hires (or good ones, for that matter).
  • They have no process for establishing goals for an open position before they hired the candidate.

Hiring is far too important to depend on random luck or the flip of a coin. Using the Success Factor Methodology, Vistage members and their guests can expect a dramatic improvement in hiring success from their companies almost immediately. Vistage members using and actively applying this methodology across a broad range of positions within their companies are bringing aboard extraordinary talent on a consistent basis.

Through this workshop on Success Factor Methodology, Vistage members and guests will learn specifically how to design and put into place a hiring system that:

  1. Precisely identifies what quantifiable results you want from your new hire during the first year to eighteen months
  2. Mines deep for the best candidates, no matter where they are
  3. Structures interviews to predict the ability of a candidate to achieve the desired success
  4. Accurately assesses and moves only highly qualified candidates to the next step
  5. Results in offers only to candidates who are capable of meeting your clearly defined Success Factors

Biography: Barry Deutsch is a well-known thought leader in hiring and performance management with more than 20 years of experience in the executive search field and hiring process improvement. Deutsch and his partners have conducted workshops on hiring, interviewing, and performance management to more than 20,000 people in the last ten years. He has published numerous online and magazine articles about hiring and leveraging top performers. Deutsch is author of the shocking book that is breaking the tribal hiring paradigm, “You’re Not the Person I Hired.”

Ed Stillman has been chairing since 2006 and CE4943 business owner members have over 200 years of leadership experience assisting each other in becoming better leaders, making better decisions.