Sixteen year Vistage member Marc Emmer, President of Optimize Inc., recently shared his Top 10 thoughts focusing around the COVID-19 virus Read this and how our small to mid-size business owners could be impacted. Austin business owners, we don’t have to have an international presence to see back orders on key product components to our suppliers that makes our service delivery less than acceptable.

ITR Economics has been sharing their data with Vistage members since I became a chair in 2006. Taylor St. Germain, Economic Analyst at ITR is one of our 3 keynote speakers on April 6th at our Vistage Executive Summit at the Downtown Hilton. His focus is on the near-term effects of today’s politics on the Austin economy and the impact on your business.

As an Austin business owner, president or CEO or a start up seeing a hockey stick growth curve or just feeling overwhelmed, be our guest on April 6th and experience a “taste of Vistage”.