May 3rd

Since the Corona Crisis presented itself our 23,000 members have received many valuable resources from the Vistage Support Centers in the form of webinars, articles and other media.  Most of these required Vistage membership to access. Vistage has decided to make the following offerings available to C-Level leaders and friends of Vistage outside our member community

New posts from Vistage
Realizing a new reality for your business [By Vistage Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin]
91.8% of #CEOs have implemented some form of work-from-home solution during #COVID19, according to our April survey. Gain insights into recent #business transformations and CEO sentiments about the economy. #CEOConfidence #SmallBusiness
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Preparing for the other side of the pandemic: 5 considerations for HR [By Vistage Speaker Hunter Lott]

(FYI – Hunter will be leading a 2 hour workshop for Austin CE4943 Business Owner Group on May 20th at 830am – If interested in joining us email me and I’ll send you a Zoom link)

Leaders and HR teams can leverage these 5 pointers to build a plan for managing their workforces post-pandemic. #COVID19 #leaders #hrmanager
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5/22 webinar: Driving growth in a recovery
Successful #sales leaders need to quickly adapt to a new business environment. In this webinar, Sandler Training #CEO David Mattson explains the right strategic approaches and tools. Register today. #SmallBusiness
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5 Strategies for Leading in Challenging Times, and Q&A with Chair Artie Isaac
Watch a recording of our LinkedIn Live presentation from Vistage Chair Artie Isaac on “5 Strategies You Should Know.” You’ll find it inspiring and insightful.
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More business articles
Why Do Some Teams Perform Better Than Others During Times of Crisis? [By Chair Phil Liebman]
How will you use your #leadership skills to emerge and influence your companies, employees and community? Read the importance of understanding group dynamics and the inside moves that make effective leaders. #leadershipdevelopment #leaders #ceos #influence
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The essence of resilient leadership: Business recovery from COVID-19
#Leaders, are you prepared to shift your mindset as we enter the recovery phase of this #pandemic? Learn why it’s critical to shift from a “today” to a “tomorrow” mindset when navigating your team through this crisis. #recovery #CEO #trust
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Who You Surround Yourself With Matters [By Vistage Speaker Leo Bottary]
Are you using this time to engage and strengthen your group? Read the importance of gaining perspectives from other #CEOs and why that can be the difference between making it and not. #mentor #leadership #peeradvisory
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How You Can Plan for a Safe Reopening
As businesses prepare to reopen, #CEOs and business owners need to ensure the safety of their employees. Here are recommendations you can deploy from The Occupational Safety and Health Administration to plan a safe reopening. #leadingthroughcrisis #postpandemic #businessowners
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