Hunter Lott HR extraordinaire with 1500 Vistage workshops over his 26 years of added value content Zoomed into Austin this week for a May 20th 2 hour morning workshop. Highlites were:

  • COVID-19 – follow CDC guidelines – you can’t get sued
  • Behavior & Value Performance new norm- written Behavior Standard: “Maintain positive work environment by acting and communicating in a manner so that your get along with customers, clients, vendors, co-workers and management.”
  • Leadership – over communicate, weekly 1-2-1’s, monthly emails “from the desk of”
  • Management – What are you working on, how can I help?
  • Sales team – Increase commissions, quarterly bonuses vs. decreasing – “Just Over” bonuses for all empoloyees
  • Working from home – evaluate productivity vs. busy – set, create OKR’s (objectives, key results) – weekly, monthly and quarterly
  • Re-opening gudielines:
  • Only keep you A & B employees, look outside for new talent

Ask yourself  – Why should an “A” player come to work for me?

  • Add behavior standard to your job description posts – make it fun
  • RIF’ed employees – Knowing what you know now about this employee, would you enthusiastically rehire him or her?
  • Re-open Checklist – CDC guidelines
  • Hiring “A” Players – Interview question – Favorite Audition Question

To do your best work how do you need to be managed?

If you want a copy of his talk or his slide deck, send me your email.

Stay safe,