Reading “The Road to Less Stupid” by Keith J. Cunningham, Author, keynote speaker and life time business leader. Keith and Sandra have lived in Austin for 50 years. Currently they are in Cabo enjoying ocean breeze, warm vs. hot weather and playing golf daily. I spoke with Keith yesterday about our current crisis and troubling times. Here’s an brief view that Keith suggests what many of us need to focus on today, this month.

The Trick is keeping your money when the tide is going out.

Cunningham suggests start using a Rolling 13-Week Cash Forecast. This one tool is possibly the most important one you can master to maximize the likelihood of survival. If you need more info on a Rolling 13-Week Cash Forecast and how to prepare one, visit Keith’s website: It’s available free of charge and can be downloaded immediately from his recent article, “Business Oxygen”.

Work out a detailed specific plan on expenses considering your current cash balances, cash flow, and realistic anticipated revenue. The goal is to make the decisions to get to cash neutral as quickly as possible. While there are always a few exceptions to every rule, during a crisis, a business’ goal is not wealth creation, but rather loss avoidance. The few businesses that are able to pursue wealth creation strategies in this crisis are businesses that have an abundance of cash and cash flow.

Keith’s bumper sticker: Not all progress is measured by ground gained. Sometimes progress is measured by losses avoided. We are in a “losses avoided” climate and that means breakeven and cash neutral are gold medals.

Red Scott, CEO of Vistage Florida who passed away several years ago shared “Cash ain’t cash, unless it’s cash”.  Print Red Scott’s Cardinal Rules and tape it to your wall. So now go take on your day.