Earlier this week Becky Powell-Schwartz, Dallas Vistage Chair shared the above 4 words in an email to me. Glen Jackson https://www.pathtopreeminence.com/ was her recent keynote speaker for her graduating Emerging Leader Program. Reading his book now, interesting and the 7 Pillars of Preeminence will add value to any business owner who is focused on growth both personal and professional.

Since mid-March, I and my Austin business owner members have remained mostly isolated while still running their individual businesses. In our November monthly Zoom meeting, much was shared about being tired, stressed, frustrated, several with decision fatigue and overall feeling by a few the need to get away. One when to Mexico another to Colorado. Most are hiring new talent while some continue to right size based on performance after being locked down for 9 months. Majority of my members have had their PPP funds forgiven and are in a strong cash position for focusing on 2021 expansion opportunities. Land acquisitions, office construction projects, sales and office talent hiring and interviewing for new products and services makes for an interesting and exciting Q1 2021 for us all.

My November 26th thoughts on the above 4 words – Happy Thanksgiving

Rest – Sleep is # 1 for us all with 7 to 9 hours recommended by the medical profession. Several of my members are exercising more today than they were this time last year. Member commits “…I’m better able to take on my day, be in the moment with 6 to 8 Zoom meetings and still have gas in the tank for a family dinner and personal time with our children.” Several read books, or better said scan books, especially as we all prepare to turn the lights off around 1030 to 11pm.

Reflect – What are you most significant 2020 business & personal accomplishments and business & personal disappointments? Can you list 3 in each for a total of 12? Want to run them by me in a phone or Zoom coaching session? Set aside 45 minutes to an hour, it’s my EOY gift to you. I’m a safe, honest executive coach with no hidden agenda focusing on servicing Central Texas private business owners. https://edstillmantx.com/ (I’m over 7,000 hours in coaching Central Texas business owners)

Recharge – With summer temperatures behind us, several of my members are now walking outside with family members and neighbors several mornings a week. There’s a couple new exercise bikes in the garage as well. I just completed a 6 week class conducted my Shirzad Chamine https://www.positiveintelligence.com/ . If you see yourself as a servant leader, look into this for you and your leadership team. It’s all about your Saboteurs (half empty or self-limiting beliefs) overriding your Sage (your half full and positive beliefs). A very positive experience in recharging yourselves.

Restart – What is the one thing you must start doing in 2021 and what is the one thing you need to stop doing in 2021?  Become crystal clear on these two threads and you are on your way toward an extraordinary 2021. If interested, add in your personal and professional development goals for 2021. Consider engaging your leadership team to do the same. Setting goals quarterly will provide you a benchmark for success throughout the coming year. For me this a solid baseline metric toward moving forward into the new year and beyond.

All the best and continued successes & wellness with your business, your family and your community.