Austin Business Community – Owners and senior executives, if the below speaker content is of interest or could assist you, please join us at one of our speaker workshop sessions. Please RSVP as space is limited.

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The meeting dates listed are for Vistage Business Owner Group CE4943. We are 14 Austin executives working together to become better leaders and making better decisions. Most Speakers provide work books or handouts and workshops take 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
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Please contact Ed  to reserve your seat at our next meeting as part of our 2019 Speaker Series. There is no cost in being our guest, so come, meet what could be your advisory board that will make a difference and change your business and life forever.

November 13th Speaker Workshop starts at 1:00PM

Alex Swire-Clark, The Rapport Advantage: Dynamically Transform the Way You Communicate (Leadership Competencies, Work/Life Balance, Performance Management, HR)

(Focus: Family, Relationships, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills)

November 19th – Vistage Executive Morning Workshop “Recruitment and Retention” Anna Petrik, Senior Director for Vistage Research flies in from Reno. If talent acquisition and retention of your key employees concerns you going into 2010, join us at the Renaissance Austin Hotel for a morning of best practices, tips and techniques. Register now

2020 Speaker Series for Business Owner Group CE4943 – our speaker workshops enable members to connect authors, content experts from around the country. Sessions last up to 3 hours with a group size of less than 20.

January 15th – Scot Hunsacker “Turning Your Employees into Owners” (Succession Planning, Employee Development, Ownership & Governance)

February 19th – Barry Deutsch “You’re Not the Person I Hired: The CEO and Key Executive Guide to Hiring Talent” (Hiring, Recruitment and Sourcing)

April 6th – Austin Vistage Executive Summit – TBD

May 20th – Hunter Lott “Performance Management: Managing Frontline Performance and Behavior” (Leadership Competencies, Performance Management, HR Process Improvement)

July 15th – Colleen McKenna “Build Your Personal, Professional and Company Brand on LinkedIn (Marketing, Organizational Culture, Leadership Competencies)

August 19th – Mark Patton “Super-Diversification and Surviving a Bear Market” (Risk Management, Asset & Estate Planning, Financial Management)

October 20th – Bryce Austin “Cybersecurity: What is Secure Enough?” (Technology, Organizational Cultures & Values)

December 9th – Cr. Bill Crawford “Clarity, Confidence & Creativity: New Information On The Science of Dealing With Stress, People & Life” (Leadership Competencies, Retention Engagement, Communication & Alignment)