Austin Business Community – Owners and senior executives, if the below speaker content is of interest or could assist you or your leadership team, please join us at one of our speaker workshop sessions. Please RSVP as space is limited.

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Please contact Ed  to reserve your seat at our next meeting as part of our 2020/2021 Speaker Series. There is no cost in being our guest, so come, meet what could be your advisory board that will make a difference and change your business and life forever.

2021 Speaker Series for Business Owner Group CE4943 – our speaker workshops enable members to connect and gain insights from authors, content experts from around the country. Sessions last up to 3 hours with a group size of less than 20. My personal goal is that each attendee takes away one idea that is thought provoking. Member and Guest goal – this one nugget if you will change the way you do business, will make you a better leader, making better decisions.

2021 Speaker Series

January 20th – Steve Heroux “How to Generate more Sales in Today’s Marketplace (People join Vistage because they want to know how to scale their businesses, better operate their organizations, and become better leaders.)

February 17th – Jeannette Hobson “Business Finance: River Run: The Story of Financial Statements” (Half-Day learning lab to sharpen your financial knowledge and better understand your Financial Vital Signs.)

April 6th – Vistage Austin Executive Summit – We will be Zooming from 8am to noon, with ITR Economics and Vistage Research Executive as our keynote speakers. Leadership breakout sessions and 2020 member award recognition will complete our morning. Guests will be invited.

May 19th – Mikki Williams “Cracking the Code of Executive Presence: Speaking, Storytelling and Persuasion” (All businesses have a story but at work everyone naturally gravitates toward using logic and statistics because it seems more professional. No matter how compelling your facts are, if your audience isn’t invested in what you are saying, all the info is lost on them.)

July 21st – Gerry O’Brion “Becoming the #1 Choice in a Crowded Market: Standing Out in a
Sea of Sameness” (Learn a framework in innovation and influence that will show you how to become the #1 choice in crowded industries. Gerry will show you how to create disruptive strategies and messaging to attract your ideal customers, and how to leverage change to create unique competitive advantages making you the clear choice in your industry.)

September 15th – Michael Allosso “Best Performance by an Executive in a Leading Role” (Members and guests are asked to express their biggest communication needs. Each attendee is asked to prepare a short speech (3 to 5 minutes) or presentation designed to be given to their Board, employees, the Chamber of Commerce, a family event, etc.)

October 20th – Scott Wozniak “Building a Raving Fan Engine” (Magic happens when you pair consistent excellence with unexpected delight. Some companies have figured out how to make this the normal experience for their customers. This workshop will teach you a system so you can make this your “normal” too.)

November 10th – Maura Thomas “Control Your Attention, Control Your Life” (Members and guests will gain the foundation of a proven, proprietary workflow management process that will maximize their ability to take action on their important tasks and goals, increase the accountability in their organization, and allocate resources appropriately.

March 10th, June 16th, August 18th and December 15th are our All Day Executive Sessions – Members only